Photo Editing/RAW File Editing

I haven’t been doing a lot of picture taking lately because I’ve been so busy with our frame business- 302WoodWorks. But I am thinking that I will offer photo editing. You can mail me a CF or SD card or flash drive and I will edit your RAW (CR2) files or jpeg files. I will then mail back your cards with the originals and the edited files in jpg form. This is great for those who have taken their pictures in RAW but don’t know how to process or edit them, or even for photographers who may not want to do their editing on their own. Here is a sample of some before and afters I did for a client. He had the original files in RAW and didn’t know how to process them. These are what they looked like taken from the camera. He had shot in Aperture Priority Mode, and it had done a decent job exposing, but the colors needed a little brightening. I did some cropping to improve the balance of the photos, sharpening, brightening, improved contrast and color correcting along with minor skin touchups. It takes a good photo to a really beautiful photo.

Editing prices are as follows:

Edit a single image- $5
50 images- $30
100 images- $50
150 images- $75
200 images- $100

All images will include as needed:

RAW or Jpg editing
Color correcting
Color enhancement
Lighting and contrast adjustments
Minor skin touch-ups
Cropping and straightening as necessary

Feel free to ask about a custom quote for more images. Images can also be edited in black and white, or other effects as requested.

Please contact me for more information!:)

Custom Frames By 302WoodWorks

My husband and I just started our own frame business!  We offer all sorts of stenciled and painted wood and MDF frames. We are 302WoodWorks. You can view our Etsy shop here or follow us on Facebook here.

We cut, route, paint, stencil and finish all of the frames ourselves. We can match custom colors and even custom patterns, which I design and cut into a stencil and then paint it onto the frame. Here are a few samples of our work so far.

We got our family pictures done a few weeks ago and I’m just now getting them up on here!  My wonderful friend Liz of Elizabeth Joyce Photography took our pictures and did such a great job!  I knew we were going to be wearing lots of color so I wanted a more simple, plain background, so I chose this location.  I love all the color and how it’s just about us.  I can’t wait to get these printed and up on my wall!  Currently I have a bunch of empty frames on my wall, waiting for these beautiful pictures to be put in them!  There’s so many more that I love, but here were a few random ones, I can’t even decide which ones I’m going to print.  Guess I better decide soon!

Wilcox Family


These guys must be my longest continuing clients!  I just love them and Brandi is awesome at choosing outfits and having an exact style in mind.  She knew exactly what colors they were wearing and what color of background she wanted, which made my job easy to find the location.  I had never shot here before, but because she had a style in mind it wasn’t too hard to think of places that fit her colors.  We aren’t exactly in the full fall colors yet, but we found this spot that has lots of yellow already.  Most years, the fall colors don’t peak until mid November, so there’s still time for fall pictures if you want fall colors!  I do have spots available for family sessions in Southern Utah!

Lowe Family


These boys are just about the most handsome guys I’ve met!  It’s no wonder why when you see their parents though!  Pictures like these are why photographing families is my favorite thing to do!

Little Nash


I had to get a few pictures of my little guy at 5 months!  He’s growing so fast and is such a fun baby!  We can’t imagine not having him now.

Kaleigh & Erik’s Wedding and Bridals


My little sister’s wedding!  We had quite the time with their bridals… it was right after about a week straight of rain and I had the bright idea to go out to the sand dunes to do pictures.  This would have been fine if some guy in front of us hadn’t gotten stuck in the swampy road, making it impossible for us to go around him and continue driving on the road (actually it was quite lucky that it wasn’t us, so thanks stranger)… so being that my dad was driving, he just drove right through the hills and weeds and we made our own (very bumpy) path to where we needed to go.  It was worth it, we got some great pictures and we didn’t end up getting stuck, but as you can see at the end, we did get just a *bit* muddy.  Haha!






Here was the wedding.  With the help of lots of people we hung lots of lights and lanterns and fabric from the ceiling.  It turned out beautiful!

Our older sister made this gorgeous cake… I helped a little- by putting all the balls on the third tier.  She’s amazing and it ended up being better than we could have imagined.

Parents of the bride (my parents)

The flower girls- my two girls, and the ring girl- Erik’s niece.  The fabulous dresses were made by my mom.

I had to make this cute little outfit for my little guy to match the girls.  :)  He was such a cutie!

All the treats were made by my mom and sisters.

Congrats Erik and Kaleigh!  We love you!


C a l e n d a r
F a c e b o o k   P a g e
M u s i c